Man Tried To Impress Woman By Kissing Her Horse Despite Warnings Only To Get His Nose Bitten Off By The Proud Animal

Man Tried To Impress Woman By Kissing Her Horse Despite Warnings Only To Get His Nose Bitten Off By The Proud Animal

The man was trying to hit on the woman riding the horse but kissed the animal when she rejected him.

A drunk man from Russia saw a woman on a horse and tried his best to gain her attention. However, his efforts went in vain as she just wasn't interested. The incident took place around midnight in St. Petersburg, as per The Moscow Times. The inebriated 25-year-old tried everything he knew to impress the woman, the St. Petersburg police reportedly said according to local news website Fontanka.ru. Upset that his advances were turned down, he tried to share his affection with the horse that the woman was on, possibly to impress her. 



He really had no idea what was in store for him. The man tried to kiss the horse despite the woman’s warnings that "it may bite”. The timing was right "on the nose" and the horse actually ended up biting his nose off. The horse's love bite landed the man in the hospital where he had to be treated for his injuries. “Police joked that the guy got off easy,” local media reported. Things could have ended rather gravely for the young man if he'd tried to touch the horse from behind.

“If he had come from the rear, the hoof injuries would have been much more severe than a cosmetic defect.” An image posted on Telegram shows the man, identified as Vasya with his nose covered in gauze. The post, which has been translated from Russian, states that "doctors amputated the tip of the victim's nose - he will, of course, live, but definitely worse than before." 

Have you ever heard of Nikolai Gogol's short story called "The Nose"? The writer, who is also from St. Petersburg, wrote a story about an official whose nose leaves his face and begins a life of its own. In the story, Collegiate Assessor ('Major') Kovalyov wakes up one morning to find his nose missing from his face. Later, he finds out that the nose has developed a rather amazing life, all by itself. Now that's some fascinating stuff, isn't it? However, there are no reported sightings of Vasya's nose roaming around town!

People couldn't help but point out the irony of the whole situation and some even spoke about instant karma. One user @Gokeeffe1971 shared: "Nosey twat! If you stick your nose into someone’s business then you can expect to get it bitten off!" A second person, @mikepayne2174, added: "Chomping the bit there." Now, this is why people say it's never nice to stick your nose into someone else's business. Hopefully, Vasya's learned his lesson!

Image Source: Getty Images / Representative Image

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